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Frequently Asked Questions

Term Loans and MCAs offered through Sheer Funding range from $2,500 – $500,000. Term Loan offers terms that range from 6 months to 18 months. With MCA, terms^^ and payment amounts adjust with your payment card sales.
To qualify for Term Loan or MCA funding available through Sheer Funding, your business must meet the following requirements: At least 6 months in business > $100,000 gross annual revenue < $175,000 in outstanding tax liens/ judgments No personal or business bankruptcy that has not been discharged for at least 1 year
It may not matter. At Sheer Funding, the criteria for funding eligibility includes the performance of your business. We’re all about building long-term relationships with business owners – like you – who have the know-how to grow their businesses, but need the funds to make it happen.
Yes, we require a guarantee from the owner of the business.
A one page application and your 3 most recent business banking statements and merchant processing statements. Depending on the amount of capital we are providing to your business, we may also require your most recent Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Business Tax Return.
Yes. If your account is up-to-date, you could be eligible to renew your business loan once a certain percentage is paid off. The majority of our customers return for more funding, using our financing as a revolving credit facility to keep their business growing.

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