Small Business Term Loans

Term Loans Services by Sheer Funding

Loans are a great way to expand your business and have the funding you need to make essential purchases. Sheer Funding helps small businesses get the right loan through our varied financing options. If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable financing solution, our term loans for small businesses could be the right choice for you.

Benefits of Term Loans

A term loan can be a great option to grow your business. When you choose one of our term loans, you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy application: We don’t make you jump through hoops to get the funding you need. Our application process is simple and easy, so you can get the money you need faster.
  • Flexible options: Term loans are designed to fit your needs, which means they come in a variety of amounts and durations. We approve loans for up to $2 million and for 3- to 60-month durations.
  • Low interest: While everyone will have a different interest rate depending on their credit history and business status, you can often achieve lower interest levels with our term loans than with other financing options.
  • Versatility: You can use the funds from your term loan on a variety of purchases. You can expand your capital, purchase assets, or hire consultants for a project.

No matter what you need your loan for, we know that we can offer you a tailored solution. And with our daily and weekly repayment options, you can make affordable payments that fit your budget.

Reasons to Choose Us

We have the experience to determine the best financing solution for you. When you request a quote, we will gather as much information as we can to determine the right loan option for your business.

If you want to learn more about small business term loans for your company, contact us at 800-397-0677 or request a quote today.


  • Quick and Easy application process
  • Terms ranging between 3 months and 5 years
  • Rates between 5% and 35%
  • Funding up to $2,000,000
  • Daily and Weekly payments options
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Decisions within 12 to 48 Hours

Qualifiying criteria

  • 6 + Months time in Business
  • 550 + Credit Score
  • $150,000 + in annual revenue
  • Most Industries

Required Documentation

  • Completed Application Form (Download Pdf)
  • Copy of Bank Statements
  • Copy of Valid ID
  • Copy of Voided Check
  • Copy of previous year Tax Return
*additional items may be required*